7 goals for 2017

2017 goals david roch

At the beginning of 2016 I made a list of yearly goals and published them.

You can check them out here , but I’ll go through each one in a minute as I want to retake the exercise and see if I accomplished or not what I committed to.

Let’s get to it:

2016’s retrospective

First thing to say, I’ll try to do my best at being honest in this part. I’ll bring back the list, remember the goal and provide some data to review its result.

1.- Blog.

To write a couple of posts for this blog and when possible, once a week. 

I should’ve finished 2016 with something around 24 and 52 blog posts. Far from that, not only I didn’t keep a continuos posting flow I also changed the focus of my blog a couple of times, writing about my Youtube videos first, startups and the ecosystem next and then talking about Product Management. I published 9 posts in 2016, the major part are currently hidden as they not match anymore with the blog’s approach. I know, poor result and a pretty bad start.

2.- Health.

To take care of myself. Exercise more and eat better. To lose several Kgs for summer.

Last Xmas come to my mind as a tough physical moment. I was way over my ideal weight and shape, eating without limits and with a very sedentary lifestyle. New year’s eve was specially impacting, I didn’t find motivation for running San Silvestre and collapsed after dinner for all the excesses over the holidays. From there, I started running and cut lose on carbs. As the weeks came by I run, and run, and kept running. In a matter of a year I’ve seen my performance improve greatly. From suffering for 2/3 Kms to weekly workouts of more than 10kms.

Combining exercise and healthy eating let me drop almost 14kgs in 12 months, from 86,4 to 72,8kg. Looking back at some pictures it’s easier to see the difference.

In conclusion, this goes way further than accomplishing a yearly goal. I’ve been running for more than ten years but always did it for losing weight. Right now, I want to believe that I have just added exercise and healthy eating to my lifestyle and can tell that the pros are outstanding. I don’t wanna get too hippie here but they are connected to productivity and happiness. It is hard to find the time, motivation and continuity so I am proud of the result and will look up to extend it for the upcoming years.

3.- Travelling.

To travel more: one big adventure such as backpacking in Thailand and leave the city once a month. 

This goal was a combination of two different ones.

The big adventure wasn’t possible. After Thailand and the roadtrip over the Spanish north coast I was looking forward to go to Philippines or some place similar last summer. It simply wasn’t possible as I left home and moved to the centre of town so the budget was tight. Instead, I walked the Camino to Santiago, an amazing experience that I highly recommend to every one (see the aftermovie).

Concerning leaving the city once a month, check! From Lanzarote to Barcelona, Alicante, Rust, Coruña, Roma, Zaragoza, Camino, Mallorca, London, Salamanca, Menorca, Porto, Granada and Rascafría. It wasn’t that difficult or expensive, it is just a matter of will and deciding where to go. We are very lucky to live in Spain because there are hundreds of beautiful places to go so there’s no room for excuses!

4.- Videos.

To test Youtube as a platform. Upload a video once a month and finish the year with 12 new videos.

This is a tricky one.

I wasn’t successful in terms of uploading a video each month so the channel lacked of continuity and somewhat suffered for improvisation.

Anyhow, I managed to produce 28 new videos, some of which have been pretty successful (such as this one trying Cabify in Madrid). But most important in my opinion has been to test Youtube’s potential, try what works and learn what does not to set a strategic approach to keep producing content for this platform.

5.- Learning.

To learn. Specifically coding (HTML, CSS and PHP).

Well, I have been increasing my skills at coding, specially for HTML and CSS. PHP was left for another time. But even though I have been learning a lot in other fields I didn’t master in any of the coding skills. So this goal wasn’t accomplished.

I believe learning is key to both personal and professional development. However I saw this year that I could leverage in other fields (such as Project Management, Data Driven or Productivity) better than digging deeper in these languages.

6.- MarketGoo.

To follow and accomplish our roadmap.

I can’t be happier nor more grateful for the incredible journey that was building MarketGoo in 2016. We almost reached our ambitious yearly goal and the project has grown incredibly in every level. See more in the dedicated post “My first year in Product Management“.

7.- Cocinar.

To learn and prepare a new meal once a week.

Fail. A complete fail. I love cooking and I love eating even more yet I didn’t find the time or motivation to follow this task. There’s really nothing more to say 🙁

2017’s goals

1.- Blog:

To write a monthly post concerning Product Management and Productivity. 12 new posts at the ned of the year starting with this one.

2.- Health and sports:

To keep the good results of 2016 + run a half marathon + get in shape.

3.- Youtube:

To upload a weekly video (the intention here is to check Youtube’s ROI as a content platform).

4.- Videos:

To make videos on a daily basis and produce a film about the year.

5.- Ukulele:

To learn to play the ukulele, record a song and upload it to Youtube.

6.- Learning:

To learn how to create, deploy and maintain a website. From 0 to 1.

7.- Reading:

To read 24 books at the end of the year. 12 fiction and 12 non-fiction.

With all of this in mind it’s gonna be a fun and tough year so I think it’s best to get started!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Join me and publish yours.

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