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Promoting product development

In the complex task that is product development there are usually loose ends. It is normal. Many issues to keep in mind so once the process is finished, we celebrate, measure results or follow with the next urgent thing in the backlog. One of the loose ends is the communication and promotion of this effort, promoting product development. Regardless of it is a new development, an improvement or a simple change, it is important to acknowledge the continuous evolution a digital product should have.

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Several stakeholders are interested in this:

  • Your users. The core of your project and for projects like ours (SEO and web marketing SaaS company) the main beneficiaries of all the love and attention you can give to your product.
  • Your team. No matter the number of people in the company/project/startup/etc, it is very difficult to have visibility into everything that happens on the day. So it is Product team’s responsibility to promote the effort and make it extensible and inclusive to other colleagues.
  • Your partners. You may distribute your technology through more than the direct channel. In this case it is essential to show the commitment you have to evolve your technology, which will give you a position of security and confidence to them.
  • Your community. Represented by people who know your product, follow you on social networks or are subscribed to your newsletter but still are not an active user. For this target the benefits are broad and range from acquiring a role of authority within the industry to potential new users interested in the latest feature that was developed.

Surely this concern by communicating may come from my journalistic past but I read the other day:

Reality is not reality. Perception is reality.

Interesting quote. Taking it to the extreme, if we invest much effort in a certain development, what was the point if no one is using it?

I also think it should not be a task that consumes excessive resources. In our case, in MarketGoo we have recently introduced monthly Product Updates, that can be easily replicated in several formats: a public post on our blog, an internal document shared with the team (which also adds metrics and other elements) and an internal document to share with our partners.

It is still early to draw firm conclusions but the feeling is that we are fulfilling the goals we had with the initiative of promoting product development, plus another that we have encountered along the way: saving time. Whether in conversations, interruptions and meetings that now we can devote to other issues, since the information is shared and already accessible to all.

However, nothing is perfect and everything can be improved. In our case, we want to continue to give value to these product updates with a new feature in-app notifications.

What do you think?

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